March 27, 2009

INTI sand castle competition 2009

on 27 of march,14 of us (captain Ren Yu,me,Jo Yi,Wei Yan,Soon Chin,Arron,Charles,Woei Loon,Ziyang,Zhao Wei,Jo Ern,Hua ken,photographer named Jack and Mr Yeap)went to the Paradise Hotel to participate in a sure win competition that is sand castle competition.

that jugde same like a japan soldier...

6 of these pictures is our skul 1(SMJK CHUNG LING PENANG),also the chanpion
sand castle.The judges said we gt potential to open the sand castle society..haha..
funny lol..

SMJK CHUNG LING Butterworth"s sand castle

Jo yi

Zhao Wei,our ling xiu(ZIyang) and Arron..

Zhao Wei and the castle contructor,Jo Ern...

Arron holding the trophy with smilling face....

Captain,Ren yu play wif the dog...

Woei Loon n the black doggy

hey...Jo ern..wad r u looking for??girls??

Hua Ken(green shirts),beside is Charles(brown),Soon Chin and the tallest guy,Wei Yan.

Two dogs was sleeping in the small castle...this pic i want to send to star newspaper company
to win RM50...

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